To Those Of You Waiting for a Diagnosis

It’s no secret that I love books. I’ve always turned to reading as a way to escape reality during the dark days when I wanted to take my mind off of my illness. But I’ve also turned to reading as a way to approach reality head on and try to come to a better understanding […] Read more…

Untitled design

I’m so bored.

*Blows the dust off the cover of my Macbook* *Sneezes and remembers that I’m allergic to dust* Does this thing still work? Do I even remember how to blog? Hopefully it’s like riding a bike because my god I haven’t done this in awhile. I probably can’t ride a bike anymore either though, I feel […] Read more…


Sometimes Food Can Make Us Feel Better

It’s no real secret that I struggle with my diet (who doesn’t though – amiright?!). I know that the way I eat can dramatically affect the way I feel and that I usually feel as good as possible (with lupus) when I am on a healthy diet. But then there’s cake and chocolate. I daydream […] Read more…

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